Thursday, October 11, 2012

He yelled at me.

As you may know, I sometimes work out in the ladies' gym at Gold's.  The greasy, skeezy guys in the main gym are just sometimes too much to handle.  I feel so uncomfortable upstairs most of the time.

Yesterday I was leaving after a workout in the ladies' room and my friend who works there saw me leaving. He's the nicest, most respectful person at the gym. He asked me if I had already worked out, and if I worked out downstairs. I told him yes, and when asked why, I explained it was because of the boys upstairs, how they're just too much sometimes, how I feel uncomfortable.

He got so pissed--maybe a bit annoyed with me, but mostly pissed at them. He said "f*ck them," that I shouldn't let them push me around. Something about me kicking them in the face, too.

It is a little easier said than done, but I was thankful for his reaction and the obvious disgust on his face when talking about the guys who make me so uncomfortable.  Will I continue working out in the ladies' gym? I think there will be days when I succumb to the sanctity of the testosterone-free bubble, but hopefully knowing he will be super annoyed at me for being a wuss will motivate me to get upstairs and work out when I want, how I want. 

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