Wednesday, July 3, 2013

And we wait...

To recap the last 24 hours, last night Morsi got on Twitter (this is for real) and told the military to take back its 48 hour deadline and impending military coup. Unsurprisingly, the military gave him a big eff you. Morsi then went on TV and, after saying shar3eya, or legitimacy, literally 200 times (drinking game!!), refused to make any concessions. We were all sitting there, astounded, listening him say a whole lot of nothing. And why make a major address at midnight?? 

The military then said it had a duty to protect the country from terrorists. 

Note, though, that the Egyptian military released a statement on Facebook and Morsi responded on Twitter. To be fair, there were rumors that the military put the state-run media under its control so he couldn't get his message out. But, wow. 

Simultaneously last night clashes broke out between pro- and anti- Morsi protesters across the Nile in Giza. At least 22 people were killed and 300 injured. 

When I woke up this morning I was halfway expecting to wake up to Morsi under house arrest. But he wasn't. Despite everything going on, things right now are pretty normal. I did not have work, but I went for a run around my neighborhood this morning. People were out, walking around, going to work. Shops were open. I went home and got ready. I sat there for an hour listening to Daft Punk and pissed because I didn't like any of my outfits--this isn't a sign of willful ignorance, but just life continues and people still have stupid, normal people problems. 

I later went to lunch with friends at a nice Italian restaurant nearby. They all came in from different, far areas of Cairo and were able to get around. After pasta, we walked to a nearby bakery and got chocolate cake and tiramisu. We took it back to my flat, where I am right now, awaiting the military's announcement. 

In true Egyptian fashion, Egypt is late for it's own coup. 

Bottom line, despite everything--despite the fact there is a serious crisis, despite the fact there was violence last night--life continues. People are going about their daily lives. Most places in Cairo are safe. Children and families are still going down to protest. I hope the fact that there is still normalcy here, that life is going on, will be of comfort to those worried at home. 

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