Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Confession: Sometimes I work out in the ladies' gym

A few days after I arrived I joined the Gold's Gym here. It's a really nice gym, comparable to what you would find in the States. I love it. I love the gym! Running is fun. Wahoo!

My gym!

Inside Golds are two gyms--the mixed gym is an entire floor, with cardio and weights. There's also a tiny women's gym inside the changing room, with two treadmills, three ellipticals, two bikes (I think) and some weight machines smushed inside.

Despite the ladies' gym being subpar, there are times I find myself working out in there. It honestly just gets too much upstairs. Some of the guys are nice, but some are just leery. There are some super beefy guys with muscles so huge there is no way they came from Allah.  I've caught guys flexing their pecs back and forth and checking out their own abs. And they just stare.

Makes me feel gross and dirty. And that's before I break a sweat.

So I retreat to the safety of the ladies gym.

 I feel like I should be like, screw them. I'm going to work out when I want and where I want. But... but...

What does this mean? I'm not entirely sure. But whatever it means, it makes me feel sad inside.

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