Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 22: Vietnamese beach bliss contained, continued

Phu Quoc Sunset

My excitement with the Vietnamese beach bliss has been somewhat dampered by the facebook connectivity issue. Not everyone is lucky as I am to have a university that provides us with a secure US-sign on to enable us to go around such firewalls. If you have to block sites like facebook, you’re fighting a losing battle. You can’t stop people from talking, you can’t stop change, you can’t stop your young people from exploring. You also can’t go after international investment and tourism with this crap.

Our hotel is very much beach bliss. We have a private villa with a private pool—only yards away from an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. The water is clean and sand white.

I was on the plane with a guy staying at our hotel who intrigues me. Not in an “I think he’s cute way,” but this guy is here alone. Our resort is not in the town area—why would you come here solo? I’d be bored out of my mind. Anyway, he’s sitting across from me at breakfast. I guess I should be one to speak—I’m here alone now, only because my friends are wakeboarding. Were I to wait another hour for coffee, we’d have problems.

Like I mentioned, I’m here with my friend Sulaine, a Canadian expat living in Macau, and her friends (my new friends) Rob and Carlos. Rob is a genial British bloke—love the accent and good sense of humor, since I tease him a lot about having no idea what he’s saying. Carlos is hilarious, a Mexican from the great state of Texas—big sense of humor and heart. They appreciate that I have the sense of humor of a 15 year old boy. We’re getting along swimmingly.

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