Monday, January 16, 2012

Yes, I'm starting this again.

After two years, I decided it's time to blog again. The past two years have taken me to amazing places, from Ghana to India to Colombia to Oman to so many places I can't believe it. I've met so many people, always willing to help a crazy single female traveler. I'd always be too tired to write down my experiences at night. But these interactions should be shared.

Throughout my travels, I've been amazed about how similar people are everywhere. Yes, we wear different clothes and yes, we worship different gods (okay, actually--many of us worship the same god). But whether you're Muslim or Hindu or Christian or Buddhist or white, Arab, African, Latin American, European-- I see the same people over and over again. I see the teenage girls giggling in their clique, the boys acting rambunctious, the moms nagging their children, the fathers leading their children by the hand. In the United States we have this idea that everyone else is different, but it's really not so. I wish everyone were able to travel as I am and see that no matter where you're from, everyone is like you.

Thank you to my old high school acquiescence/friend Maddy for sparking the re-blogging. It is my hope that the upcoming years are filled with as much travel as the last few, and that readers of this blog will see themselves in the people I meet.

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