Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24: Back in Bangkok

Sadly, the Vietnamese part of my trip came to an end. I met up with Sulaine, Rob, and Carlos for a few hours before I flew out at 5p—they are leaving early tomorrow morning. I felt strangely sad when I left. Okay, maybe I know why. We had such a great time, relaxing, teasing each other, acting like 15 year olds. Dong jokes never got old (Yes, I am bring Michael Burns back the biggest dong I can find). The last night we even attempted a (PG) sleepover and instead stayed up until 2 hours before wakeup.

We rang in the Chinese New Year sitting on the pier of the beach in the dark, listening to the waves crashing and looking at the stars (DIRECTLY!!) above us. We were even, eh, treated, to a full moon.

I hope we keep in touch. I like Bangkok even less now that I had such a great time with them and they’re all going back to Macau. This trip also made me even less convinced I could stand working in DC post-SAIS.

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